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Communication between Loans, Deposits and FI, CO

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I have been reading all the guides in SAP for banking section, and I can not found anything about how to transfer information between Loans, Deposits, and the FI and Co modules.;

Anyone could help me?

Other documents related are:

Note 988670 - FSAPPL 100: Using RFCs instead of services

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Dear Eydar,

to answer your question in the context of the SAP banking release you're working with,

and to add to your already advanced understanding, we have divided Banking into three dimensions:

1. Banking business applications vs. process platform/service repository/NetWeaver

2. Applications on SAP ERP (Deposits, Loans Management) vs. applications on banking services (Deposits Management, Master Contract Management and Bank Analyzer)

3. Analytical vs. Transactional Banking

So given the wording of your question, there are answers on

the application design for Banking on ERP.

The relevant docu is then this one:

for Banking on ERP

for Banking on banking services platform.

The first-level answer is as simple as this:


Given we speak about banking on ERP, any update to be used in SAP CO needs to be fed from banking through Financials, FI-GL.


Deposits and Loans Management ON ERP ARE BOTH subledgers that run customer contracts with transation posting, that need to be updated to and reconciled with a banking GL, preferrably, but not mandatorily SAP FI-GL.


Deposits and Loans Management ON ERP run a different approach to update a banking GL about the transactions posted on the subledger, and to get the information over to P&L and A/P A/R of the bank.

3a. While Deposits has been deliberately decoupled from SAP Financials/Fi-GL to avoid bottlenecks in account volume,

3b. Loans Management is more tightly coupled to FI-GL for posting, cash flow and related processes.

The documentation under sections

3a. for BCA>Periodic Tasks>GL integration

3b. for Loans/CML>Accounting>Accounting Evaluations

help you to go further.

regards Ralf

regards Ralf