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Common Work center for TWO Plants

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Dear Gurus,

Currently In my new roll out project We had already implemented SAP in PLANT A and now the client is

adding new PLANT B due to increase in order under same company code.

So the problem is certain Work centers are common like Shot blasting /Painting for both PLANT A and PLANT B

If this is the case how to handle the same as Work center is plant specific,

Is there is any way to bring common work center in both plants.

Waiting for the positive reply.


sekar chand

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Answers (3)

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Can you do this way?? Take all the work centres of Plant A and create same work centres with Plant B ..Then use these work centres in Plant B routings.


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In the SAP standard, the system checks to see if both plants (one in the header-Say Plant A and the other in the operation Plant B) belong to the same company code or not. If they are in same company code it accepts the entry straightaway. When co.code differs then we get a warning message.

In your case you have mentioned that both are in same company code and so there should not be any issue all downstream activities. Check for integration impacts with your FICO folks.

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I have not tried but we have the option to maintain Plant and Work Center in routing. Try maintaining the painting as work center and plant as A in routing of Plant B. This will ensure that cost is calculated and scheduling is also done. But because material needs to be moved to plant A physically, you might have to maintain the Queue time in this operation to ensure the transport time taken to move the material physically is captured for proper scheduling.