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Commodity Swap

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The requirement is to create commodity swap product. It is used for metals procurement and mitigate price volatility.

The mode is Fixed for Floating swap,


1)While configuring, I am not able to find transaction categories 300 /301/302/303 to create transaction types, per SAP recommendations. Where do we maintain /activate these transaction categories.Am I missing any activation that needs to be done for commodity swaps?

2) Any inputs on account determination mainly in terms of update type to posting specifications assignment

3)Flow of accounting entries

Greatly appreciate any inputs from anyone who has worked in creating commodity swap product.

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Hi Vivek,

Please check these Business Functions are activated (assuming you have Ehp6 or 7 on your system):


In case these are activated, i suggest you do an remote adjustment from 000 client. Sometimes the BC sets in the business functions don't get activated properly.

You can also create these Transaction types manually.

By default there will be only one Transaction category - 300 for the product category 810 (Commodity Swap). You would have to create other transaction types - 301,302 and 303 by keeping the transaction category as 300 (810-300) and then adjust the field settings based on what type of transaction it is.

Also Check table AT01, if the transaction category 300 is assigned to product category 810.

As for your other questions, you can copy the the update types assignments similar to an IRS product and the accounting  really should be as per the client requirements.