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Combine Multiple Freight orders, which belong to one Carrier, into one Transportation unit in SAP EW

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Dear SAP Experts,

I am looking for a solution where  I can combine multiple freight orders, which belong to one carrier,  into one Transportation unit in EWM.

Kindly note that this is kind of a parcel scenario and due to multiple constraints, it is not possible to create one Freight order for one carrier.

Please suggest possible solution options.

Thanks in Advance!



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This is a existing white space based on how shippers work with carriers and how the system can react. Best practices encourage you to create a manifest freight order out of direct shipment options for parcel and integrate with EWM. Each stage of the freight order will have packages assigned for that customer (star shaped schema freight order). 

Option 1: Plan a single FO representing the Trailer

Option 2: Usage of Consignment Object by Upgrading to S4-2020/FPS2


Option 3: Multiple FO’s and One TU 

1. Custom development in LDAP message + Review the below BADI’s
2. BADI: /SCWM/EX_SR_NUM, /SCWM/EX_SR_BIF_TAPP_NOTI and /SCWM/EX_SR_BIF_VAPP_NOTI To influence TU/Vehicle creation.
3. BADI: /SCWM/EX_SR_TUDLV_AUTOPLAN -> To influence delivery assignment to TU.

1. Very complex development.
2. One TU/Vehicle is linked with one FO in EWM, it might require to table level update to link to multiple FO.
3. Handling Exception scenario like unassign delivery, Reverse PGI etc would add more complexity.
4. While receiving back the updates from EWM to TM, X number of LDAP needs to be triggered in TM so as to update the respective FO’s
5. Representing multiple FO’s for the same physical truck operating at the same time is not the recommended approach in TM.

* Cross Delivery HU, Delivery split, STO’s scenario’s are not considered.


Hope this helps!