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Column is not showing the data

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I've added to a matrix a linked button column and to one of the cells of that new column I've written a value. The orange arrow appears correctly and when I click on it, it works fine but the thing is that the inserted value of the cell doesn't appear. When I click in that cell it shows the value but when the cell lost focus it doesn't show it.

Why is this? Is there anyway of solving this problem?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have You bind the column to UserDataSources ?

If not, that is the problem.

For more help about UserDataSources look at UIAPI SDK help.

Hope it helps.


Kamil Wydra

Some sample code in C++:

SAPbouiCOM::IUserDataSourcePtr UserData;
UserData = m_pForm->DataSources->UserDataSources;
UserData->Add(L"UID", SAPbouiCOM::dt_LONG_TEXT, 50);
Column->DataBind->SetBound(VARIANT_TRUE, L"", L"UID");

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