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collective requirement after MRP RUN

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can u tell me please

I am having one plant(P) , material "M" maintained in two different storage location(S1 & S2),two different Sales organisation (so1 & so2),having two different finish goods (P1 & P2) where material M is common in both P1 & P2.

when i book sales order @ so1 & so2 for P1 & P2 of Qty 2no & 5no resply

after MRP run i got requirement of M of 2no & 5no.

i have to docollective requirement

after doing collective requirement of M will be 7 no

,i place order for 7 no,

when i do the GR(MIGO),how will i come to know,how many qty belongs to which sales order & which storage location....

as my scenario is MTO



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Answers (2)

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Your problem will be solved in just three steps.

1) Material Master of P1 > MRP4 view > Ind/Coll. Requirement = 2

2) Material Master of P2 > MRP4 view > Ind/Coll. Requirement = 2

3) Now Run MRP again

You will have collective requirement of 7 for M. (provided that you have not converted 5 qty & 2 qty in PO before MRP run)

Otherwise you will see result for next requirement.

Rewards if useful.



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In the collective requirement scenario, your material will not be available as Sale Order Stock. The material once available, can be used for any Sale Order. Hence you will not get which material is available for which order. For this you will have following options -

1) To make the material as Individual category.

2) To enter the material in BOM of 2 different finished products as to be issued from different storage locations. Then receive the material in these two seperate locations for these 2 sale orders. Then you will be able to differentiate between stocks at different storage locations.