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Collective order processing too slow

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Dear Experts

I have the following situation and appreciate a lot your advice.

We use collective orders with SYBASE database, the fact is that all the processing in the shop floor, including order creation, activities confirmation, etc is deadly slow.

Even for opening a single production order the system takes a very long time to show information.

Does anybody have faced a similar situation?, is it normal with collective orders that long processing time?, could it be the combination of collective orders and sybase?

Thanks in advance for your support


Valentin PA

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Valentin

We need more information to help you with this performance issue.

Firstly, I suggest you to run a SQL trace on transaction ST05, since performance issues are generally related to the database.

Check which selects are taking more time and if the statistics of the involved tables are updated (ask your database admin to check).

For collective orders, the select on table m_ordna may cause performance issues. I suggest you to check the size of this table, if the statistics are correct and if the indexes are also correct.



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