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Collective Invoice

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Dear Experts

We are having a scenario wherein there are 5 or 6 individual invoices created for the buyer in a month.At the end of the month the buyer needs a one single invoice (i.e. it should combine all these invoices with all individual invoice numbers into a single invoice).

So in all we need the individual invoices (for our records) and a SINGLE INVOICE created with all individual invoices for the buyer also.

How can i map this?

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Answers (5)

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Thanks to All

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See Tcode-VF21-Invoice List.

But only if header data like Bill to party,Billing date,Payment terms,Exchange Rate is same for all document you can club in one invoice.



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Hi Sanjeev

As per Standard SAP I don't think there is any Tcode available which satisfies your requirement i.e. One single invoice through other invoices as line item.

To fulfil this requirement you can created your our Tcode/program which fetches data from VBRK table based on the customer and one month period and produces output as Single invoice.

Hope I understood your requirement correctly.

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Hi Dear,

There is concept of Invoice list.. plz follow that.

Or for combining of invoice ther r some parameter which needs to be meet like

1. Bill to party

2 Billing date

3. Payment terms


VF04 all docs will show and make collective invoice..


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Go to VF04 and give the from and to date and the sales area and the billing type then if all the criteria matches then all the invoices will be combined into a single invoice.