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COGS cost element-MTO returns mvt type 453

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Hi Experts,

We have MTO scenario and batch managed stocks.

Sales returns order is created and received stock via 651 movement type (w/o special stock indicator "E").

Now, the stock is in "Returns" stock under batch and storage location (not sales order stock).

Situation is, we want to transfer the stock to Unrestricted to be able to use for new/other sales order.

We go to MIGO, and transfer posting using mvt type 453 - TP returns to own

Issue is: COGS Account requires an assignment to a CO object

Question, to which CO object do we need to assign the COGS account?

Should it be to a cost center and add new entry to OKB9?

Please advise.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi All,

Please help.

I am still unable to transfer stock from returns to unrestricted via 453 mvt.

Issue is still with the account assignment for cogs.

Maybe we have incorrect config for 453?

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Is your MTO sales order is a cost object? or valuated sales order without cost object?

may I know why COGS account created as a cost elements?

Return process is two step process step 1, movement type 651 and step 2, movement type 453

Step#1,while executing steps 651 is used and stock is moved to blocked stock and no accounting entry.

Step#2, when we execute movement type 453 stocked is moved to unrestricted from blocked stock.

accounting entry is posted and no reference to sales order line item.If COGS account is a cost element, system will expect a cost object.

Try to use movement type 653 - one steps - direct post to unrestricted used

Get with SD/LE team and ask them to change movement type in schedule line category VOV6 transaction code.

Hope this helps you…



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Hi Rau,

We changed it to 653 and you validated this idea.

Now it worked correctly and we got the stock posted to unrestricted.

Thanks for the help!

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Does the material have a price in material master as per it's price control V or S? If not, that's the reason

Also, should the mvt type not be 413?

Ajay M

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Hello Ajay,

Material has price control S.

Stock is currently in "returns" stock. mvt type 413 will not work.

Mvt type 453 seems to be the direction for this,

Only concern is with regards to the account assignment.

Is it correct to create OKB9 entry for COGS g/l account assignin to a cost center?

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Certainly not

You did not answer my Q.. What is the Price in Material master for Price Control S?

And why for 453 it should trigger COGS account?

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Yes, price is maintained 460 EUR.

For 453, in OMJJ, account grouping is set to GBB - VAX acct modif hence posting to COGS acct.

Reason for this, I do not know.

Can you suggest correct settings for mvt 453?