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COGI error ME 097

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We have an ME 897 error "The plant data of the material 101A383H03 is

locked by the user ESU00593". The error date is 24.09.2009. We

have this error for 107 materiales for the same plant, user and date.

This user and another users have done movements for these materials and

plant in later dates. So the materials are not really locked.

We have checked sm12 and there are no blocks for the user or the


Any ideas?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This error occured becase at the same time any other user was processing that record.

That doesnt mean material is locked permanently.

Till the time 1st user finished his work with that material , material will be locked.

You can still post those error logs.

Revert back if find any prob.



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But when the user try to reprocess the movement by the COGI he gets the same error, and the material is not locked

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Dear Luis,

1) At a time same material cannot be processed by multiple users within same user id or different user ids

2) material will be locked & same can be unlocked in SM12

3) if still Problem Persists, than completely Log out of SAP & again Login



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Problem solved. Thanxs

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