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COGI Error Deficit of Unrestricted Use as stock is reserved for production order

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Hi, I cannot clear a COGI error because there is not enough unrestricted stock available. The stock is there but it is reserved for the same production order that I have the COGI errors for which I find confusing. If the stock is reserved for this production order, why has it gone to COGI? Thanks

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Hello Maikel,

can you share the SAP screen ?

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Answers (3)

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There could multiple reason components listed in COGI transaction.

Posting date, storage location discrepancy, stock mismatch with batch/serial number, check these parameters once again and try to process once again.

Let me know if you still face the issues to post.

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I have a issue while clearing COGI error. Its showing that error message Deficit of SL Unrestricted-use 26,667 EA : 14015640 1060 1064 and I tried to change the storage location to another location. If stock is there in another storage location it is easy to clear goods movement error. Here all the storage locations does not have any stock for consumptions (Zero stock). Can anyone please suggest a solution for this issue.

NB: Attach the error file.cogi-deficit-error.pngcogi-error.png

Thanks and Kind Regards

Akshay T A

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Your stock will stay reserved, in SAP Manufacturing, reservation doesn't means the stock is put aside for that order but it's just a requirement request. Having a reservation is mainly for planning on how much you'd need to procure.

When you clear the COGI the reservation will get fulfilled ("Completed") indicator, which means the reservation "goes away".