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COGI enter batch

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Dear SAP community members,

We are facing an issue with backflushing of material "X".

Material X is consumed in endproduct Y. With the backflushing of product X, we have an error in the COGI list.

We need to "ENTER BATCH" manually. SAP is not automatically choosing the oldest batch available (which should be my most logic option). There is stock available. Material X is batchmanaged, however, we do not use WM or so ever to post goods movement with a specific batch.

How does this work? Why is this error occuring? Is it because it's batch managed? Can we let it behave differently? Choose batch without manual assignment?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If material is batch managed then you need to assign the batches during the good movements while confirming the order through CO11N or CO15. You can also do the automatic batch determination during the confirmation.

To restrict the COGI errors in confirmation parameter OPK4 for your production order type and plant combination set the Termination of Confirmation if Incorrect Goods Movements flag in Individual entry general Tab.

Please note COGI does not support automatic batch determination.

Refer SAP note 1868084 - FAQ: Transaction COGI



No automatic batch determination is called within transaction COGI. Why?

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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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According to SAP note 186808 (FAQ: Transaction COGI, Question no.4), the transaction COGI does not call an automatic batch determination; this can also not be set using Customizing. You may go for an enhancement and for the same check BAdi WORKORDER_GOODSMVT (Business Add-In PM/PP/PS/PI Orders: Automatic Goods).