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#CoE#TLPL Using Functional Area from Statistical WBS

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Hi SAP Experts,

I would like to be able to use the Functional Area from a Statistical WBS on a posting. Currently the Public Cloud takes the Functional Area from the "Default Cost Centre for Postings" field. The system allows you to put a Functional Area on the Statistical WBS however it is ignored and not used in the Actual Posting.

If posting a plan cost against the Statistical WBS (without specifying a Cost Centre), the plan does use the Functional Area from the WBS.

This functionality is required so that multiple projects, with different functional areas, can be assigned to the one cost centre.  The current work around is to create a different Cost Centre for each Functional Area.

If the posting logic was changed so that the Functional Area was derived from the Stat WBS, existing users could ensure no change to their postings if they set the Functional Area of the WBS to be the same as the posted to cost centre's functional area.

Please advise if there is a way to use the Functional Area from the Stat WBS instead of the Cost Centre.


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Hi Nyree,

In general Statistical projects are used for statistical cost postings and project cost reporting purposes only. therefore, no overhead calculations or settlements can be executed.

In S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, at the WBS element level. You Specify the functional Area and also the Default cost centre for Postings. As per the design the actual postings are done to the default cost center specified and not to the cost element derived from the functional area specified for the WBS. The of planning costs for a WBS element is done in combination of WBS Element and G/L account. 

How the functional areas are derived in Public cloud is clearly explained in the document ""