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CO88 settlement in background with spool error .

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Dear SAP Experts ,

After settlement of Process orders through CO88 in background during our month end closure, in SPOOL request system result is showing message u201CProcessing completed with no errorsu201D

but in Processing cateogry ,the error are showing as 3 no's with out any error message.

How can i find the errors , or does it relates to technical errors. can any one help me to fix this .



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In settlement, normally error messages are stored in the application log.

The variance calculation/CO88 creates multiple output lists (basic list, detail list, messages/error log). Other period end transactions too. However, SM37 only links one list to the job, usually the last one created. In order to view all created lists either use transaction SP01 or transaction SCMO. You will find the error log there.

An alternative for further analysis is as follows:

Instead of transaction CO88, use report RKO7CO88. Split the job in several smaller jobs. This can be done with the extended selection options for RKO7CO88, you can enter a range of orders here. Set also the processing option 'Check transaction data'.

If the smaller jobs run without cancellation, analyze the error messages and the result of the jobs



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Hi Waman,

RKO7CO88 is a good example.

How can I delete these logs or reset the message number so that the

error does not occur any longer?

Thanks a lot for reply.