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CO19 confirmation post Machine time also depend on Standard values

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Hello Guys

We are using CO19 and needs to post Machine- and Labor hours with 1 CO19 posting. In Work Center for Machine and Labor activity we maintained Record Type Processing for both.

Example: Standard values are Machine 2 hours; Labor hours 3 hours. I created a Formula in Work Center to calculate proportion of this and use this in the formula to calculate Machine Time. To calculate Standard costs and teh test function in Work Center it works perfectly but if I post actuals as described below it does not work.

In CO19 we post a B10 01.01.2019 07:00 and later on a B40 01.01.2019 08:30 (with no breaks 1.5 h). System should now post 1.5 h Labor and 1 h Machine but in actual it Posts for both 1.5 h.

Does have anyone have an Idea why or a solution how to solve requirements like this?

Thanks a lot for helping!!!!

Kind regards Peter

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