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CO reports Currency

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Hi All,

We activated CCA, PCA and COPA in our client. Now the questions come to decide what should be the currency for Operating Area currency and Controlling Area Currency.

Let's say we take the decision of setting up Operating Area currency with JPY and Co Area currency in USD; and Company Code Currency is USD. Now the client wants to see all kinds of CO reports in JPY and USD.

In COPA report, can I see the figures other than Co Code Currency and Operating Area Currency (JPY)?

In Cost Center report, can I see the figures other than Object Currency and Co Area Currency (USD)?

Can I have a different Object Currency in Cost Center master data than the Company Code Currency? What's the impact?

What's the consideration upon setting up a different currency for "Local Currency for Profit Center Accounting" (Let's say if I set this up as EUR)?

It would be good if I can get more inputs and other points to consider upon deciding what should be the currency for operating area and controlling area.


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Hi Wijayanti,

You can always set up a profit center local currency in which all transactions will be maintained and displayed in the reports (8KEM)

The currency options include the following:

10 Controlling area currency

20 Group currency

90 Profit centre currency

If you select 90, you must identify the currency type as well. All standard reports will display the information with reference to the default currency identified here.

In the PCA tables, the values are populated in Profit center currency, company code currency as well as document currency.

So if company code currency is EUR and controlling area and profit center currency are USD, you can get reports both in EUR and USD. Furthermore if transaction currency is JPY, then you can get the reports in JPY also.

And in the report,  if you want to display the values (as they were posted) in company code currency, then

- Please use KE84 and create a new form using 8A-PCA001G as copy from.

- and simply change the key figure from Profit Centre Local currency to HSL (Company Code currency).

I hope it helps to clear your doubt.

Good day,


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I facing this issue now, can you share your solution?

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You can choose the currency of CO report via RPC0 transaction (for cost centres).

For better understanding of currencies in CO, please refer to this link:



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Hi Eli,

Thanks. But my question is not about what are the CO currency types. And yes, looking from the mentioned t-code I can select in what currency I want to display the report with.

However, my questions are more on "parallel currency" in CO (regardless it's CO-CCA, PCA, or COPA). I know in FI we can define up to 2 additional local currencies, but these 2 fields (LC2 and LC3) are not available in CO reports.

How can we do it?

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maybe its easier if you give an example which organizational unit should contain information based on which currency like:

company code: local currency A, 2nd loc. currency B,... the comp. code currency triggers some other settings so start with them.

controlling area: CO-area currency ?, comp. code currency can be stored YES/NO

operating concern: currency ? comp. code curr. YES/NO, curr. for PRCTR valuation YES/NO

which add. currencies should be used on which org. lecel (profit-center, cost center) and why?

Best regards, Christian