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CO-PA planning with period distribution FAILS to recognize user defined distribution key

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I am unable to get planning method Period Distribution to recognize my custom distribution key when used with an Access Key.

I have used transaction KEV0 to maintain a custom distribution key W202 which SAP stores in a folder called User defined>Independent.

Next in transaction KEPM, I create a parameter group for planning method Period Distribution and select option (X) Distribution. I am able to select custom distribution key W202 without error. So far so good. This demonstrates that the planning function can recognize my custom distribution key,

But when I try to use an Access Key instead of a distribution key I run into problems.

Next I use tranaction KEPZ_V to create an access sequence WOL.

Then I use transaction KEPF to define a segment specific distribtiion key as follows:.
Source: Access key, Material group
Target: Distribution key

Finally I attempt to maintain field values for this derivation table:

Access key: WOL
Material group: 00202
Distribution key: My custom distribution key is not available.

When I type in the value W202 I received the following error message:
W202 is not a valid value for the field Distribution Key
Message no. K/016.

The pulldown displays only the following values for distribution key
Standard>: 1, 2, 7
Period specific>K4: ID01, MS01, PA01, PA02

Any ideas of what I need to do to display my distribution key W202 in this pull down or in the alternative, what I need to do to avoid the error message when I directly type the value 202?

I can't find a google or oss note reference to this error and hopeful that someone else has encountered and resolved it.



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