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CO-PA Cost Component do not match with Standard Cost Component Values

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Dear Members,

The CO-PA Cost Components (as mapped through KE4R), do not match with Standard Cost Component values for the Group Currency. In local currency the values match.

System is correctly picking up VPRS value, both in local currency and Group Currency, which is equal to the total of Standard Cost Components however, it is the Value Fields linked to the Standard Cost Components in Group Currency that do not match.

In KE40, the Indicator is 4:Released Standard Cost Estimate matching Goods issue Date.

I have verified KEPH/CKMLPKEPH tables. The values are same as that of VPRS.

Any help/clues?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In case of billing documents the group valuation approach is managed in the data structures of the legal valuation in additional value fields. To control costs and revenues in the different views separately, you must create additional value fields and assign them to the data structures.

The field contents must be filled via the CO-PA user exit, they cannot be entered by assigning conditions to value fields. The profit center valuation is updated in a separate ledger. No separate value fields are necessary.

The exit to be used is function module 'EXIT_SAPLKEII_002' ( enhancement COPA0005 ). Within the exit you have the complete SD data avaialble in the tables 'T_ACCIT' and 'T_ACCCR'. The conditions can be found in T_ACCIT and the corresponding values ( linked via 'POSNR' ) in table T_ACCCR. The PA line item and the corresponding SD item in table ACCIT

can be mapped via the line item field 'RPOSN' and the field 'POSNR_SD' in table ACCIT.



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