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CO-PA Assessment Error : The reversal has not been updated

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Dear CO Gurus

We executed CO-PA Assessment (Plan) t-code KEUB in Production system today. We had executed it once earlier successfully, and when we repeated execution , job got cancelled with error message "GA534 The reversal has not been updated".

I have searched for this error message and have not got any conclusive feedback on why issue occurred and resolution.

When I check cost centre report it seems earlier allocation is reversed. But re-allocation is not performed.

Should I re-execute this t-code ?

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Hi Kapil,

It is an expected error sometimes for repeated runs, if the forward run starts before the reversal run updates have been made. You can just re-execute the assessment cycle. That should complete with out any issues.

usually to avoid this issue, you can first reverse and wait for one min to restart the repeat run instead of looking for other options.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Srinath.

Before your reply, we had figured out that reversals were completed successfully. So we just went ahead and executed again.

System completed allocation without error. Issue resolved, though I do not know root cause of error.