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CO area - Internal Order resetting

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I have changed the CO area assigment of some company codes but I would like to keep the internal orders of these companies just like they are until now, that is, with their same numbers and features.

Is there any way to get it with the new CO area, making something like a kind of CO area resetting?


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IO's are CO area specific and not company code specific.

As you have created new CO area, you can maintain new number ranges for the IO' - in this case from the starting you will get the IO number' - if you want to have same IO number', then first create the number range with external number assignment and change the current number of the IO to the last available IO - but this is not the best practice to change the numbr range assignment, at the time of audit you have to show the proper reason.

If you want to have the track of the old IO, then assign that number in the "External order no." field in the Assignment tab of the IO.