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CMIR - Practical example

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Can anyone give a practical example (with real names) of a customer material info record creation.

I want an example of a material .... what does the customers call it ... and what does the company call it internally..

Thanks and would appreciate if i only get the practical names.....i am not looking at theoritical working of CMIR.

Thanks again

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Arijeet

CMIR is mainly used (according to me) in Automotive Industries where the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like Hyundai, Maruthi etc., have their own part reference and they will insist their Vendors to show this part in all official documents. In fact, almost all OEMs will process payment only if the manufacturers billing document shows their part reference.

Practically, manufacturer will have their own part code for various reasons like differentiating the components at each stage like whether it is an inhouse process component or boughtout component etc., So over a period of time, just by going through the material code itself, they will be able to tell whether the nature of component (inhouse or boughtout).

Here they cannot just like that adhere to customer's requirement but at the sametime, in order to satisfy customer requirement, they will maintain both manufacturers part number and customer part number in CMIR and while printing, they have to define a logic in such a way that only Customer material code should fetch from VD52.

Similarly, in terms of description also this is applicable.

For a few products manufactured in India by a manufacturer, they call it as autoparts whereas the overseas customer calls it as Internal Combustion Engine parts.

Hoping that I have understood your question correctly and explained the above. If this is not what you had asked for, then please brief once again.


G. Lakshmipathi

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Arijeet

Suppose, I am a TV manufacture-cum-seller. I do not have strong marketing base for my LCD TV(name ABC L-1).

Let's say its material number is "2222".

One of my customer ,organisation "XYZ" has a strong marketing base and they purchase most of my production of my LCD TV as they do not produce. They sell the same TV in the name "XYZ LCD" nad material number "5555".

Whenever, XYZ orders the material to me, they pace the Purchase order in their own material number, that is "5555" instead of my material number "2222".

So, I need to make my system understand that their material "5555" and description "XYZ LCD"means our material "2222" by making a customer-material specific master data (CMIR).

It helps me in entering the order with the customer's material number "5555" and sytem automatically takes our material number without any dispute.

By maintainning this CMIR, we are also able to send the order confirmation in the customer's material number.

One more practical example has already been explained by Mr. Lakshmipati.

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Hi Arjeet,

For a FMCG company like ours, we sell biscuits to different type of customers. In our material master, we have defined orange cream marie biscuit 50 g as 12345. When we are selling the same to our Canteen Stores customers (they call it as orange marie). so we manitain CMIR for canteen stores, 12345 as orange marie. similarly for our Wholesale distributors(they call it as marie),we maintain another CMIR, and in invoice also the same gets printed. sale order entry is CMIR entry..........

Hope this helps............


Anitha J

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Thanks all for your useful suggestions.

All of them were really useful and practical.