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CM25 : Field empty when i dispatch production order

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Dear guru ,

my planning table of CM25 have three areas (overall profile SAPSFCG011)

I have A production order in CM25 placed on the ORDERS (POOL) area.

I can display many fields in the layout key. All these fields are full.

When I dispatch production order placed on the ORDERS (DISPATCHED) area one of this field (priority u2013 caufvd aprio) is come empty .

If I deallocate production order this field is come full (with value X).

I donu2019t understand the reason of this behavior for this field. The others havenu2019t problem.

Do you help me ?

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Answers (2)

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In CY38 i had defined the output length of field Priority with value 1.

I have changed the output length with value 2.

Now is right.

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Hope you are aware of this "Priority" field, as this is an information field which is found on the bottom left of the Production order. The field gets updated when there is an entry in the Production order in that field.

I checked the same in CM25 with your Overall Profile:SAPSFCG011 and the values are gets populated for me in both the Orders(Pool) and Orders (Dispatched).

Did you make any changes in Layout key apart from the standard one? Or else just try with some other Overall Profile.

-Thaila Shree