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Clustering Implement in Hp Ux11.23 for SAP

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Dear Experts team,

we are going to implement cluster in our SAP PRD environment . We are using HP Unix 11.23 and SAP ECC 6.0 .

Right Now our PRD is running in one node only i.e. CI. Now for cluster implement  , We want to restore all our PRD database in one standby Server , till our Cluster implement.

We have two HP rx2660 ia64  server ,in one node 32 GB RAM and in  other server 24 GB RAM . these will be connect with our IBM NSA N3600.

Now we want to do clustering between these two nodes.

I have some dought for implement clustering

For cluster implementation ,we have to installed SAP and Oracle again for cluster or not

one question is that we have installed only cluster software  and move some file system only.i.e

/usr/sap/trans ,sapmnt/PRD and  /usr/sap/PRD  in one node (sapprd1)

/oracle/PRD/  and  /oracle/PRD/sapdata1...5    in other node (sapprd2)

In one node appkg+CI (sapprd1) and other node dbpkg (sapprd2) .both is active ,

So that we can use load balanceing and cluste  in our Production environment

During this our SAP Performace will be some improvement as earlier ?

So that if one node is down (sapprd1) then  , we can move both package  i.e appkg and dbpkg  in other node (sapprd2) .

So that what is pre-request for implement cluster.?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For clustering, I would suggest you the following step:

1) Install new system on your cluster as High availability installation.

2) Do testing on cluster by moving package across the node.

3) after successful testing, Restore backup of your database on the cluster system and your system will be live on HA.

There will be performance improvement because of cluster as there will be 2 nodes doing the load balancing.

Prerequisites you can check in installation guide.



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Dear Sunny,

Thanks for valuable answare of my query.



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