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Close fiscal year of specific depreciation area of a fixed asset

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How can you close fiscal year of specific depreciation area of an asset. For example, depn. area 01 was last closed 2007 and the rest of depn area were closed FY 2012? We have tried execute AFAB for 2008 but got error processing terminated since depreciation area 14 is already closed in fiscal year 2012. Area 14 is linked, through a derived depn, area.

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Hi Mardy Campomanes,

Sorry for late reply.

Please check note 7595 point 2 for the periodic posting depreciation areas. You may check the field T095B-KTNAFB / KTAAFB / KTSAFB of the periodic posting areas in table SKB1 due to field MITKZ (must not be empty and not "A").

Hope this could help.

Kind regards,