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sap gurus

an interviewer told me organisation structure means




here what the difference between client and company.

pl focus on this issue

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Here, the Client can mean two things here:

The Client is the unique mandatory representative identifier against which all data is posted during SAP transactions. In order to simplify things, the client needs to be entered during login, and any config / postings you do (except client-independent config) is restricted to that client. If you logged in to SAP, it is the 3 digit number you use before you enter your user ID. I believe this was what the interviewer meant...

However, in the context of an organisation, the Client also runs a shade gray meaning in terms of the Organisation you are working for... As the Company you represent... E.g., you Client is ABC Ltd. and their Company Codes are ABC1, ABC2 and ABC3... However, this is not so likely an inference from the interviewer's point of view.

You need to read the context and interpret.


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Client - the instance of SAP (i.e. 100) that you log onto in the a "box" (i.e. DEV, QA, PRD). Each client has it's own set of master records and tables. You can set up multiple clients for one "box".

SAP is divided into three different lanscape Development (DEV), Quality(QAS) and Production (PROD).

- DEV would have multiple clients for ex: 190- Sandbox, 100- Golden, 180- Unit Test.

- QAS may again have mutiple clients for ex: 300- Integration Test, 700 to 710 Training.

- PROD may have something like a 200 Production.


A company is a legal entity with several legal entities [company codes]. Can be called a holding company. Each subsidiary may have some differences viz., currency, language...

A company can consist of one or more company codes. All company codes within a company must use the same transaction chart of accounts and the same fiscal year breakdown.

Reward point if helpful.