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Client Dependent requirements and Independent requirement

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Hi Friends,

I need what is the meaning of client dependent requirements and independent requirement with example related to sd tables.

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client dependent req:

If any change is made in VOV8, VOV7 that is VBAK table. then the request passed on to the system. is called customising request, Which is always cleint dependent.

But, if we do any changes in the ABAP codes it is called workbench request which is always cross client. ie:- client independent.

But, in the functional module also there exists some applications which are by default client independent. Such as factory calenders, customer calenders and access sequence.

Pls check it out. Wherever the system throws a message " This table is cross client" is by default a cross client application.

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Hi Kishore Kumar,

Client Independent: These objects are not specific to any client. And it is universal which can be viewed, changed across the clients.

Client Dependant: These are the objects can be viewed, changed for the client for which it has been assigned. Other clients do not have access on these objects.

In SAP, all objects are finally stored as tables. "Mandt" is key field which determines whether the object is client dependant or not.

Client Independent transport requests will make the transported objects available across the clients. And Client dependent transport request make the objects available only for the client mentioned by field "Mandt.

You should be knowing that the configurations you are doing are getting updated in some database tables finally.

The database tables will have one field called MANDT which is the client number. If a database table has this field, then it is called client dependent tables. Any transports updating such tables are called as Client dependent transports.

Most of the configuration (functional) changes are client dependent changes.

On the contrary, there are certain database tables which dont have this field. Hence in one Application server, if there are multiple client, the change done will be reflected in all the clients as the database table is same. Most of the development transports fall under client independent transports. Some of the functional transports like condition table are also client independent transports.

If there are multiple clients in an Application server, a client dependent transport needs to be moved to all the clients by means of a client copy for that particular object through t.code SCC1. For client independent transport, this is not needed. Once a change is done, it will be reflected in all clients within that application server, and hence no transport is necessary.

Client dependent: The object created in one client available in that particular client only.

Client Independent: The object available all the clients.

Tables are client independent, but data is dependent.

Hope this clarifies your Doubts and Please Reward If Really Helpful,

Thanks and Regards,


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Dependent and independent REQUIREMENTS are actually concepts of PP where independent reqmts are sales reqmts whereas dependent reqmts are the reqmt of bill of materials based on the independent reqmts at sales level.

If you are talking about client independent changes, then there are certain changes which will reflect on all the clients residing in a particular application server.

For client dependent changes(which most of the configuration changes are) you need to move tehse changes between clients of same application server, by means of client copy in transaction code SCC1

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If you change any field in sales document type control in VOV8 then it is client independent change.

If you are doing any change in Condition table then it is client dependent change.

So if you have two development client say 100 and 200 then client dependent chages will be reflected in both the clients even if you change in any one of them.

Same is not happening for client independent ones

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Amrish Purohit

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