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Clearing with electronic bank statements

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I am testing my ebs configuration. I am trying to clear customer open item using doc I have used the algorithm 031 (doc number search/customer no. from doc line item). When I upload the ebs file, it is finding the customer account using doc number and posting it on the customer account but it is not clearing the document. For the testing I am using exact document amount on the ebs file.

Please let me know what setting do I need to clear the customer document using ebs.

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to clear the documents you need to set up as follow. So please check your Posting set up in TC: OT59.

e.g Customer clearing:

Posting Area 1: (Main Ledger)

( D)40 Bank (symbolic Account)

(c) 50 incoming ayments (symbolic Account)

Posting Rule: 1

Posting Area 2: (Subledger)

(D) 40 Incoming Payments

nothing (Blank)

Posting Rule 8

Hpe this helps a little bit,


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I found the answer.

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Hi Paul,

Can you let me know how you cleared open items with the document numbers. We implemented electronic bank statement in BAI2 format. We run F110 to generate the payment instruction file to bank. Bank would make payments to suppliers and issues BAI2 bank statement for previous day transactions. In the BAI2 file we are getting the SAP document numbers in the detail records. However we were not able to clear the open items in the bank clearing accounts. We tried using the algorithms 20 / 21/ 121 etc.

Please let me know.



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i was talking abt the customer subledger clearing. I haven't started testing the g/l clearing yet, but I guess it is controlled in the posting rule configuration. I assume you are trying to clear the out going payment account to the master cash account when posting ebs file. In the define posting rule configuration, you need to choose posting type 4 to clear the debit g/l account. Posting algorithm should 020 if you are trying to find the document with document number.

Let me know if it works or if you run into any issues.