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Clearing missed discounts

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We have configured a balance sheet account in t-code OBXV for missed discounts.  Upon review, it looks like we should have used a profit and loss account.  However, is there a way to clear open items in this account?  I have tried F-03 and am getting the error that "Cash discount clearing account must not be cleared manually".  Any suggestions?

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Answers (2)

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Dear Timothy,

The system posts cash discount amounts to a cash discount revenue or expense account automatically. If you are using the net procedure, the system takes the cash discount into account during document posting. In all other transactions, the system posts the cash discount when you clear the open items.

therefore You cannot post to cash discount clearing accounts manually.



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Hi Timothy,

To get the open items cleared manually, you have to deactivate the flag 'POST AUTOMATICALLY ONLY' in ALL companies which are part of any cross-company document concerned. Then you can do the clearing without any problems for the future postings.

   Transaction FS00 -> TAB Create/bank/interest -> Flag 'Post automatically only'.

I hope it helps.

Best Regards,
Leonardo Cunha