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Clearing documents in AP

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Just need advice on a special business scenario.

There are many invoices created which are open in AP.

Due to a special business requirement, all these have to be netoff against a write off account meaning, won't be paid.

There docs to set off basically credit memos are created using an upload Z program.

Now question remains like how do we clear these documets sinc all these are lying in open items.

there are so many vendors involved and hence manually doing one by one would take up most of the time.

is there any std clearing program or is there any method to clear these..?

pl advice.



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Answers (3)

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One Standard solution i can guide you if it work in your case.

Use F-51 Post with Clearing transaction to clear all these open items lying in your vendor account(s).

Here you need to select the right document type and Select Transfer posting with clearing option under transaction to be processed section.

Enter the credit GL account(write off account) which you want to credit. In the next screen give the total amount of all the open items for your different vendors.

Choose open items button and then give your vendor account. After giving the first vendor account select other account check box below to add another vendors where you have open items.

In that popup window give all the vendor numbers , company codes and select the OI check box as well.

Then select open items button to clear the selected vendors open items.

Simulate the before you save these entries.


Krishna Kishore

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If these vendor's amounts are equal to zero, you can use F.13 for mass clearing. You can set clearing criteria also.

Call SM30 and maintain V_TF123.



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Hi Neha,

If you have any permission document/ Credit Note/ Debit Note, with reference to an official physical document you can post the document at a time with multiple items. T Codes: FB50/ FB60/ FB70. (GL/AR/AP)

Once posted the entry to all Accounts, then you can clear the open items manually using F-03/ F-32/ F-44 (GL/AR/AP).