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Clear more than 1 lacks line item from Single G/L

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Hello All,

We have one G/L account 11001 with open item selection from 2005. Its current new value is zero. We want to clear all these lines items internally with same G/L as its net balance is zero. In assignment field value is Blank. In OB74 i put amount as selection field & run f.13, still there are more than 1 lacks open items.

I have tried with F-03 but it will show run time error.

How can i proceed with this

Thanks & Regards


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Answers (5)

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Hi KP,

Try to clear year by year by selecting the relevant posting date as a block. For that particular year do the residual clearing and proceed with the next year.



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Is this the one time clearing you want to do or you want automatic clearing to happen going forward as well?

If it is one time, F-03 can be run by restricting with some criteria having zero balance, say, posting date. What is the run time error? Is it time out error?

If you want this to happen going forward, identify the unique fields having same values in both credit and debit documents. Define clearing criteria and tolerance limits. Schedule F.13 as batch job to clear the documents.



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Please check the possible solution given by Mukhtar,

Further to that , check the OB74 automatic clearing criteria , you may keep the assignment field only.

Execute the program SAPF124 or F.13 , schedule in background after business hours.

GL account , co code should not be temporarily block by another background job.

If it is helpful.. please assign the points.

Br / Gopal Rawat

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Hi K P


To my knowledge, the best solution is, ask your ABAPer to write a program for this and get it done. I believe like that is the only way. You can use this program in the future also for clearing other control accounts too. Thanks

Best Regards


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First execute the report FBL3N for the GL account. Here you input some value in the assignment field by mass change function. Once you will do this, then all line items have assignment field have same value. After define clearing criteria for the GL account in OB74 with assignment field only. After that run F.13 for it, it will clear the balance automatically.