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Classification Tab not visible - what could be the root cause

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Hi gurus,

Material info (new & update) gets updated into ERP from legacy through batch jobs defined. we're facing an issue that only one particular does not contains the 'Classification' tab remaining all other does.

What could be the root cause for this issue ?

As there is no manual intervention in creating/updating Materials, its not a manual mistake.

Solution for this would be extending the material and adding the Class to it, But we need to identify whats the root cause for this behaviour.

Could you pleas show some light on it..

thanks in advance.



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Answers (1)

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If the situation is as you describe it, it would be difficult for us to answer. Generally, if an interface works 'most of the time', but occasionally fails, then one first assumes that there is a problem with the consistency of the data contained in the interface.

You have created a custom solution (exists only on your system) to update material masters. Without knowing the details of the solution, it would be guesswork on our part to suggest any fixes.

I suggest that you approach the developer who created the solution and ask for his assistance. Or, if you can describe the solution in detail, we might be able to assist.

Best Regards,