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Classic PCA fields in New PCA

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Hi experts,

Currently we are in the midst of rolling out NewGL project for the customer who is on classic PCA now. In the NewGL, we are going to activate the document splitting for Profit center and segments. Functionality point of view, the client is required the NewGL.

But during our assessment, we went throug the 8A Ledger (Classic PCA) reports and the new GL standard reports, suddenly found that all the classic fields are not available in the NewGL reports. In the NewGL, whatever the standard fields that has been provided by SAP for FI module, those will be applicable to PCA evaluations such as Cost center, WBS and so on. In New PCA, typically the field selection is only limited to the additional account assignments or coding block only. But in the current classic 8A reports, they have the complete logistics/CO info such as sales office, sales organization, cost element organization, stical key figures etc where as in the NewGL, SAP is not given these fields in the additional account assignments.

I went through some of the SAP documentation where I saw that there are some user exits to bring the billing info to the accounting documents (OSS note 301077), but how far the requirement is fulfilling with these user exits I do not know.

Can somebody please give me clarity on the compatability of field selections between classic PCA and New PCA including the customer fields' technicallimitations as it is going to be a showstopper for our project. And is it possible to migrate the line item report painter reports to new GL? Can we meet the reporting requirements by report painter tool in NewGL?

Looking for your valuable inputs regarding



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old PCA report painter reports can be migrated to NewGL reports under certain circumstances (see SAPNET note 1555535 for details).

As the NewGL PC reporting bases on the data available in the new GL tables FAGLFLEX* I think that you will miss some infos in NewGL PC reporting compared to infos available in classic PCA reporting (eg object type / object class).

Nevertheless it is possible to add fields toFAGLFLEX* but I doubt that this will be helpful in your case.

BR Christian