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clarify handling unit

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I have found some useful postings on handling unit.

But I still like to further clarify or confirm my understanding is correct.

Simply put :

A handling unit is a container truck. Correct?

I also like to confirm the following:

1. these are packaging materials : Carton, Pallet and container.

2. A handling unit can consist of other handling units. But what is an example of this? Could someone give me a clearer example? Is it a Container ship containing many container trucks with containers?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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this is to inform you that,

Yes the purpose of handling unit is to keep pallets or carton or container's on the truck

1.a. yes these are packing materials.

2.a. an handling unit consists of other handling units

let me take your example only:

you will have large ship, which will have containers in it.

each container you will have 10 pallets for example.

each pallet consists of 10 cartons.

each carton consists of 10 materials packed in a cover.

hope this clears your issue


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