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Claims Disbursement

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Hi all,

Here I have configured the claim (PC00_M40_REMP - Claims Disbursement) and its working fine also, now problem is when I run this cycle for once a month’s system will update my infotype 0015 and when I am trying to run for same period system shows Disbursement eligibity limit has been utilised. I have deleted claim record from info type 0015, but still its showing me same error msg. and claim get rejected. so can pls. let me know where system will maintain the another logs??

Anybody can explain me the concept of balance carry forwarding…. I have configured the basic thing like carry forwarding should be base and all…but still it wont work



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What model wagetypes did you use? I believe you have used the wagetypes for deductions with balances and totals, and this is why system is still having the limit. Also check the processing class 41 and 50.

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Hi Arun,

Thanx for the reply....

M282 module WT are used here, but still its wont work, one I run the PC00_M40_REMP - Claims Disbursement, how we will nullify these effects, where its will maintain the log. So I can run the same for same period.

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