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Hi CO Folks,

i have a requirement on CK74n ( Finding out profit based on standard price n transfer price ), as i am technical guy, i am new to CK74N tcode...

If anybody hav step-by-step procedure on how to use this T-code, and any pre-requisites for this tcode, Pls share...

earlier response would be appreciated.



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Hi Please follow the procedure

1 Enter material

2. Enter Plant

In Costing Data Tab

3. Enter Costing Variant PPC1

4. Enter Costing Version '1'

5. Enter Lot Size Normally it is '1'

In Date Tab

6. Click Default Date Button

7. Enter --> Creat Unit Cost Estimate Screen Appears

In the Costing Item - Basic View Table

8. Enter Category

9. Enter Resource

With item category B, enter the name of the base planning object.

With item category M, enter the material number.

With item category N, enter the service.

With item category E, enter the cost center to which the activity type is assigned.

With item categories F and L, enter the purchasing info record.

With item category P, enter the business process.

With item categories O, V and S, leave this field blank.

Example: Assume you have entered B - Select Corresponding activity type

If activity prices is maintained for the activity type in TCode KP26, then the system picks Total value, Price Unit and Cost Element

10 Add as many items as you want

11 Save the transaction

12. "Cost Estimate Saved" message appears in status bar (Screen Name is Creative Additive Cost: this screen consists of cost component overview and itemziation details.

8Enter Category