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CK40N Error with Transfer Control PC02

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We are trying to run CK40N for few materials with transfer control PC02-Complete Transfer, and we received error message no. CK277. No materials selected. Whereas, if we use CK11N for the same material with transfer control PC02, the cost estimate can be saved.

Please note that there is a valid std.cost estimate with FR status for all components, so we failed to understand why itu2019s not picked up at the time of cost estimate of header material.

Do we need to define PC02 in costing variant because in OKKN, there is no u201Ctransfer controlu201D selected for costing variant?

Will appreciate if someone can throw some light on the suitable fix.



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I think confguring the transfer control in the costing variant will solve the problem.

Kindly try and revert. Also check note 374668 and the link below.