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CK13N Itemization View (not assigned) ECC 6.0

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When looking at a cost estimate CK13N in itemization view there are many items grouped under (not assigned)

When I click on a material that is unassigned and choose detail the Element (Text) is (not assigned) but the cost element shows correctly and is assigned in OKTZ

Another material with the same cost element and origin group appears correctly under our cost component group 11 Chemicals.

The material type is also the same, ROH. I can't find any difference why some materials are showing under the correct cost component group and others are not.

I searched SDN before posting this and found the following thread with the same problem, but there was no solution.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Can you please check On Material Master-->Costing 1 Tab whether the Material Origin is checked or not.


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Thanks for the reply, it's a good suggestion to look at the material master to find differences since I couldn't find any differences in the config.

Material 105078 is properly classified as Chemicals and has the origin group flag turned on in the material master although the origin group field itself is blank. Material 107682 is classified as not assigned but has the same setup in origin group and also origin group field. The valuation class for both materials is also the same (3004) so no differences here.

The one difference is that for the 2 materials that are showing under Chemicals they are marked as 'do not cost', while it appears all the other materials that are showing as unassigned have this field blank. Could this be the reason?

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Bob,

this is correct system behaviour.

In costing the costs of lower-level materials are rolled-up to the next production level. So you get a multi-level costing strcuture. This cost roll-up (e.g. from raw material to SFG or FG) is done by cost components. The cost component values of the lower-level material will be rolled-up into the CCS of next level's mateial.

So the costs of a cost roll-up are 'not assigned' to a single cost component, but to various. You have to check the cost component values of the lower-level material.

This is also indicated by the calculator icon in the costing structure which means that the cost estimate (i.e. its CCS) of a material has been used for valuation.

Obviously for material without cost estimate (e.g. because of 'Do Not Cost' indicator) no cost roll-up is processed and therefore their costs are assigned to a single cost component.

Best regards,