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CK11N takes routing with deletion flag

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we have two routing for a material, one of them with deletion flag but we haven't done CA98/CA99 to complete deletetion process.

when i execute CK11N it takes routing with group counter 1, that is the routing with deletetion flag, instead if a create new production order, it takes routing without deletetion flag.

how can i solve this? can i exclude in cost estimete product process create, routings with deletetion flag without change quantity structure where i can set counter 2 ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can get it in application log of costing, also you can restrict use routing which is flag for deletion by defining it as error message in table SM30 table

ErrMgmntID Application area MsgNo MinMsgType Maximum

CK C2 315 E

Or other way is create production version with routing group 2 and assign it in costing view.

Then system will select the routing as per production version.

If there is no routing specified in the production version which is taken for costing, the system can take a suitable routing according to the quantity structure control of the costing variant in the T-code OKKN

Please refer SAP KBA note 2491257 - CK11N: quantity structure not considered.

Apart from that you can directly define the routing selection in costing view with group counter.

Following are priority sequence applies to the determination of the quantity structure.

  • Priority 1 - you assign a quantity structure on the initial screen of the cost estimate CK11N, the system uses it in any case.
  • Priority 2 - The system determines the quantity structure data that you have entered in the cost estimate view of the material. Costing 1 View
  • Priority 3 - Via the selection method indicator in MRP 4 view in the material master, you can control whether the quantity structure occurs according to validity (lot size, period) or according to production version.
  • Priority 4 - The quantity structure is determined via the settings in the quantity structure control (Transaction OKK5)

Or you can also change routing counter status Go to CA02 and

Status 1 Creation phase which will also help here.

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