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CJIA Payment Report Issue

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Hi Gurus,

Our client is looking for a  Vendor Payment Report with reference to Projects and i suggested them to go with CJIA report.

But Payments are not updated in CJIA report as per value type (57,58,59), when we check at Vendor report FBL1N there is an inconsistency between these two reports.  We have checked BSAK table but still not updated as per document type KZ.

As CJIA report is showing us Value Type 51 only, as there are already payments made against some projects, which is not reflecting in this report.

Please let me know the process to update this report correctly to get the Project level Payment Report for each vendor against PO.

If there Is any query to get this report, please help me with table information.

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Hello Naveen Kumar

If there are  inconsistencies, the best thing would be to delete the

cash document and repost it from FI document.

Report RFFMDL16 to delete it by using the FI document number .

Then recreate the cash document using report RFFMRP15P.

** ATTENTION: please run this report only ONCE for the FI document.

As this report does not check for already existing cash documents,
this would  lead to duplicate cash documents if you run it more times.


then run TA CJFN for the FI document to update the value type of the cash document.

hope this helps


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Thanks for your response,

But in CJIA Payments were not updated when the values were posted in BSAK with document type KZ (vendor Payments).

As in CJIA / COFP i am getting value type 51 (PO), As i have checked all the basic setting or config with reference to Value Category.

In Table COFP the following value types were not updated when the payments were made against PO / without PO.

I have run RFFMRP15P - Reconstruct Actual Data for Indiv FI Docs still the values were not updated.

Following Value types were not updated:

57- Payments

58- Down Payment Requests

59- Down Payments for Bank Clearing

61- Down Payments

Please let me know the process to update the Payments with reference to CJIA report.

I appreciate for your valuable suggestions.



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Hi Naveen,

can you please check the project accounting repository master table RPSCO i assume all kind of cost to be store there.

57 Payments

58 Down Payment Requests

59 Down Payments for Bank Clearing

Above value type is there in RPSCO.

let me know if any concern?


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I have checked, its not updated in RPSCO.

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Please check the thread already discussed

Hope It helps!

Thanks and Regards,

Varshal Kachole