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CJI5 Commitment vs ME23Ncommitment

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Hi sap gurus

When enter ik t code me23n to see a Po with this info, this PO is for a mexican supplier

Order $4,758

Delivered $4,282.2

Still deliv $475.8 remaining amount

I enter in CJI5 to se the Po datas , but in the amount of still deliv it show $221.85

This is the resul of differents ex changes rate

The po have 19.1018

The GR 20.23

The remaimimg 19.1018

So sap conver Total Po in mexican money and the GR to en Mexican money to have the have the remainong in meximan money then sap convert this remaining amount in USD

This is rhe reason of rhe difference cji5 vs me23n

What can i do to see the same remaining value in me23n Po and CJi5??


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