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CJCO - Budget Carryforward

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Can someone please tell me if a project is set as overall budget, do you have to run CJCO to carryforward the budget, or because it's overall, the budget is year independent and therefore does not need carryforward until completely used?

Also, can you manually carryforward budgets to a new year via CJ30, or does doing that simply create a completely new budget for the new year?

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Yes, we need carry forward all the unallocated buget for projects to next year. That makes sense.

But if you change the original budget for projects you need do CJ30, but it is not about carry forward.


The budget carryforward enables you to carry forward budget remainders from projects, internal orders, and plant maintenance orders to the following fiscal year.

A budget that has not been used up is mainly defined here as the difference between planned budget and incurred actual costs.

Budget carried forward to the following year can also be posted to the previous year in certain circumstances.

The original budget is the originally allocated budget. After a point in time that you specify, this budget can only be corrected using budget updates.



Edited by: Bruce Hu on Dec 24, 2007 1:07 AM

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Thanks for the response. I guess my question is not for unused budget, but unused budgets which are not designated as annual. For those, I realize you have to carryforward into the new year, however, what about overall budgets. Overall budgets are not year specific, so the carryforward should be irrelivant. When a budget is overall, the year amounts are not impacted, the overall is impacted.