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Hi All,

Will anybody tell me the process of CJ88 and the effect in FI, from the begining onwards with a example with accouting document.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Prasad,

You want to transfer the key figures updated in the valuation to Financial Accounting. At the same time you can settle the cost of sales and the revenue affecting net income for one profitability segment.


· Implement component Profitability Analysis (CO-PA).

· You have defined to which balance sheet account, profit and loss account to post the key figures. For information see Defining Posting Rules for Settlement to Accounting.

· You have carried out the valuation. For more information, see Performing Valuation.

Process Flow:

1. You can carry out the settlement for individual WBS elements or for several WBS elements at the same time.

a. Individual processing

On the SAP Easy Access screen choose Logistics->Project System->Financials ->Period-End Closing->Single Functions->Results Analysis->Settlement, then Individual Processing (transaction CJ88).

b. Collective processing

On the SAP Easy Access screen choose Logistics->Project System->Financials->Period-End Closing->Single Functions->Results Analysis->Settlement, then Collective Processing (transaction CJ88).

2. The system settles the calculated costs and revenues.

Hope I had been able to help you. Please assign points and let me know if u need anything specific.



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Answers (1)

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Hi Prasad,

Like internal order (real), we can book our expenditure for capitalization purpose under wbs element. By using CJ88 we can transfer all WBS element keeping expenditure to AUC. After finishing of work, you can transfer to full asset.

WBS element to AUC.

AUC a/c Dr.

to Expenditure (WBS)

AUC to full asset

Full asset a/c Dr.

to AUC a/c.



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Thankyou for your reply, actually what happened is upto 31.03.2007 when users run the CJ88 the documents posted to correct accounts

Capital WIP - Dr

Project Service Activity - Cr

It was pending from 01.04.2007 (Current year). Now they run CJ88 for first period with reference to Project, only one document was posted and the posted accounting documents was

Capital WIP - Dr

Clearing Account for Capitalized Downpayments - Cr

I dont know why it was happened, Here the users all are new, I am also new in SAP. Please guide me and if you had any documentation with screen shots please give me.

Thanks & Regards,