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regarding rg23 register

in case of there are multiple line item in one excise invoice ( e.g. there are 10 material in single excise invoice ) so in part one RG23C or RE23A system is creating multiple serial number in part 1 register for the single invoice , it should create single serial number for all 10 line item & show in part1 register as 10 line itens & single serial number

Another query is that where we can get report part one done & part 2 not done

please provoide solution

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can get report "part 1 done and part 2 not done" in Tcode J1I7.



Edited by: RahulNsk on Jun 5, 2009 8:48 AM

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hi Rahul

thanks for the same , can you give some light on first issue

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RG23A/ C PART 1 will have as many entries as the line items in the document.

If u have 10 line items in GR , it will create 10 Part 1 entries .

This has so be this way , as the excise details & also other details for each line item can vary .

eg. the material code /chapter ID / account assignment etc can be diff for diff line items .

However , part 2 entries will be against vendor excise invoice i.e one entry per invoice . This is so ,

because the part 2 entries will have the details which are relevant to the entire transaction & donot depend on

the item level.



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