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what type of questions i expect on CIN in the interview process?

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I will suggest you to visit

There is a separate section on CIN in the link I have given you. Trust me if you go through all the links you will have a fairly good idea of the CIN.

Do let me know in case of any queries.

Hope this helps you.



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TAXinj - formulae based tax calculation procedure

taxinn- conditon record based tax calculation procedure.

2.excise registers are

RG23A/C PART 1 &2, RG1,PLA

3. Tax code are identifiers enetred in Po in which different tax percentage is mentioned.

4.excise group(an identifier) is the area or plants for which same registers are maintained.

5. Chapter Id is 8 didgit standard coding pattern to determine what excise duty is to be levied.

6.Excise registration number is maintained IMG>LG>TAX ON GOODS>INDIA> BASIC SETTING



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Dear Sreenivas,

Here you can find few questions ...

1.What is the defference between TAXINJ and TAXINN procedures?

2.What are the registers uses in the Excise duty process?

3.What is the difference between commercial invoice and excise invoice?

4.Where do you maintain the TAX code?

5.What is seris group ?

6.What is meant by excise group?

7.How you differentiate the Taxes based on the area or state?

8.What is meant by chapter ID?

9.How you post the excise value to the accounting ?

10.Where do you maintain excise registration numbers?

I hope it will help you,



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Can u give answers also?

Thanx & rgds.