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Choosing multiple implementation partners

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Hello Everyone,


I have a question.

Scenario: What if 2 different partners are implementing the same functional scope on one system following a sequential or parallel approach for 2 different companies, Partner "A" for company "1" and Partner "B" in country "2". Solution design documents are different for both companies, although baseline configuration is almost same as it pertains to 'client level' settings.

Question is : Are there any SAP guidelines/framework in this scenario, definitely its not something new, how does global implementations/roll outs takes place where several partners are working in several geographies at the same time:

  • What are SAP best practices about this, any methodologies?
  • Are there any SAP technical guides/framework for this, to soundly manage the roles/risk associated
  • Any reference to real world scenarios

Appreciate your feedback, Thanks,


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Probably you might find useful working out a Global Blueprint, in my real-world scenarios I am always pushing such a document on multi-country projects at least to avoid duplicating, utilize cross-country methods and streamline all the objects - in my HR/payroll case it's common HR config, global infotypes, naming conventions, wage type catalog, absence codes, etc.