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choose from list's conditions

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Good morning,

I have a situation, I have a choose from list with the object of Sales persons and Im adding some conditions to it, one of those conditions are that the field SlpCode have to be grater than 0 but when I see it, the choose from list is empty and I check in the DB and I have some rows with values like 1, 10, 23, 47,... etc.

This is my code.

oCon = oCons.Add

oCon.Alias = "SlpCode"

oCon.Operation = BoConditionOperation.co_GRATER_THAN

oCon.CondVal ="0"

I use the object 53 that is the object for Sales person

The situation here is that I run de SP 1 PL 9 and my conditions doesnt work any more, before of that I dont have any problem, You know if there is a problem or issue with the SP?

Since know, thanks.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Vitor,

Thanks for the answer but I have my form in a XML since the beginning and it works fine until I use that patch.

In the bneginning I thoug tha my XML was corrupted but I recreate it and put the condition from the code but the Choose is always empty, I gonna check the conditions again but if someone knows anything please let me know.


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Hi Victor,

I used that patch until a few days ago and I didn't anything wrong with the CFL conditions, including CFL for Object 53.

Try exporting the Conditions object to XML. It can be easier to detect what wrong.


Vítor Vieira