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Cheque printing - Amount in words

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Hi All,

In SAP 2005B, Can we change the 'amount in words' for cheque printing.

Example -

If amount is Rs.150000.

By default it comes as - 'One hundred fifty thousand only' but our client want it as ' One lakh fifty thousand only'.

Is there any solution/work around for it?



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Answers (2)

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Hi, Abhishek A. can you try this in your Layout.

Amount in Words in Indian Format

Objective: If Document Total is INR 352,940.60 then Amount in Words should be as u201CThree hundred fifty-two thousand nine hundred and forty Indian rupee and Sixty Paisau201D

Here we need

1) One System Variable Named u201CField_092u201D

2) Three Formula fields named u201CField_093u201D,u201DField_094u201D and u201CField_098u201D

3) Three Database Fields named u201CField_095u201D,u201Dfield_096u201D and u201CField_097u201Detc.

4) Field_098 is the Out Last Formula to print amount in words in Indian Format except this hide all the fields.


Samapth Kumar Devunuri.

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Hi Abhishek,

Sorry to let you know that this is a system limitation.

The current system logic cannot support a counting unit that

does not follow the standard rules (exponent of thousand).

As a workaround (in order for your customer to print the amount in the

desired format), they can add a user defined field to the title of the

marketing documents, and fill it with the desired amount in word

manually before printing. They should also modify the default printing

template and link the total amount field on the template to the UDF they



Jacqueline Jiang

SAP Business One Forums Team