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Cheque Bouncing Transaction

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Dear Experts

Can you please help me in ressolving a issue/querry.

How to trigger Cheque bounce/ dishonour of cheque transaction against Customer payment in SAP?

I have sugested to clients like this :

"A/Cs Receivable - Customers u2013 One way possible

Here as we are not maintaining any check lot no. for customer bank, it

would not be possible the cancel the check through FCH8. The manual way

of doing it, is to change the assignment/text field of payment document

in FB03. Go to T.Code FBRA reset and reverse the document there.

By this in FBL5N u2013 Customer line item, the assignment field will be

updated and will be populated in Statement of account.

If we maintain in the assignment/Text Field while manual resetting

and reversing the Customer Payment Document as said in Solman. And give

ChequeBounce* in Assignment filed in further selection criteria of

FBL5N, we will get the output for payment document (reversed) for

Cheque bouncing."

My client is not accepting this. If you have any other way of doing it, please let me know urgently. Is there any pre- defined transaction.



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Check if you can use the functiomality of Check Deposit . While receving the cheque from customer post to a clearing account and then after is cleared post to the original bank account.

Also possible to use the functionality of manual or electronbic bank statement here. Define a seperate business transaction for cancellation or dishonour.

The details can be sent to the customer using the appropriate correspondence type like Failed payments (SAP12).

Thanks and regards


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Dear Kedar,

I know the functionality of CHECK DEPOSIT, but once entered, how to delete the dishonour cheque and if post to bank subledger how to reverse the payment document trigering that cheque bounced. How can a business transaction to be created, will it be through APAPer or there is any configuration path in SPRO. Please explain.