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Checks were sent out and then voided - What to do?

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Here is the scenario:

1) Checks printed and sent out.

2) Check voided and reprinted (not sent out) - Yes this was an accident.

Now in transaction FCH1, void reason code says (Ripped during printing)

Check number shows 2157718. (Good)

Replacement check number shows 2158036. (Bad)

Pospay file was incorrect but we managed to work with bank and had them cancel the first file (as it showed the checks sent as being canceled) and sent them a new pospay file with original check numbers only (in order to match the checks mailed out).

Now I'd like to unvoid the orginal checks but wonder the implications.

Not being very knowledgeable about this topic, I'm looking for any assistance I can get.

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Due to cross company code accounting and other issues with check renumbering, etc, we have decided the best and easiest course of action would be to simply modify the end of month clearing file with the new check numbers. Then our only problem is auditing and SAP provides a good trail of check to replacement check numbering. We will add notes to identify what happened for both the auditors and ourselves. We hope all checks will be cleared within a month or two at the most.