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Checking WBS elements when changing WBS element group

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Dear Gurus,

Well I am a technical consultant, I use to dwell in the ABAP forum, so maybe I am going to say things without much sense, if so please tell me.

I have a problem. One of our customers uses transaction KJH2 to change WBS elements groups and they have asked us to check the WBS elements that the users can put in the transaction.

If a user adds a new WBS range both the WBS elements have to exist in the system, we have to check it somehow, probably using a user-exit or a BADI.

The problem is that I have been looking for a BADI or a USER-EXIT for many hours and I have been unable to find one which allows us to check this, same when the user inputs the WBS element as when we save the changes.

Somebody has some help? Any advice would be apreciated.

In the while I will keep trying to find it and if I succeed I will post it here anyhow.

Thanks in advance to everyone.

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Answers (2)

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Dear all,

I just write to state that I was unable to find a way to check this data. The problem remains but we have leaved it, I will stop looking for a solution.

I will leave the post open anyhow, who knows if someone might know how to do it?

Thanks anyhow to everyone.

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In SPRO if you check Project Systems > Structures > OPerative Structures > WBS > Enhancemnets for Project Definition and WBSyou can see the BADI available for WBS Elements.



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Dear Sreekanth,

You are right, there I can find BADIs which I can use when modifying the WBS elements.

The problem is that what I'm modifying are WBS element groups, not the WBS elements themselves. I have been looking at this and this is related to CO more than FI, seems that WBS element groups are used in CO and maybe they have no use in FI.

So I'm moving this question to the CO forum, maybe they can give me some more advice.

Anyhow if I find the asnwer to this problem I will also post it here.

Thank you very much for your answer,